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Vacancy Announcement: Board Members

Job Title:                                     Board Members

Location:                                     New York

Posting Expiration Date:            On-going


General Description

Who We Are

At the International Center for Ethno-Religious Mediation, we develop alternative methods of preventing, resolving, and educating people about inter-ethnic and inter-religious conflicts in countries around the world. Working with the State of New York residents and diaspora associations, national governments, judiciary, schools, community leaders, religious groups, peace advocates, media, local, regional and international organizations, etc., we foster the culture of peace among ethnic and religious groups through research, education and training, expert consultation, dialogue and mediation, and rapidly implementable projects.

We are committed to creating a new world characterized by peace, irrespective of cultural, ethnic and religious differences. We strongly believe that the use of mediation in preventing and resolving ethnic and religious conflicts in countries around the world is the key to creating sustainable peace. For more information about the International Center for Ethno-Religious Mediation and its programs and services, please visit our website:

To solidify ICERM’s foundation, we need vibrant and motivated men and women who will join us as Board members.

Brief Description

Serving as a member of ICERM Board of Directors is a rewarding commitment. It is also a sign of respect, recognition and accomplishment, as well as a valuable opportunity to collaborate with resourceful professionals who share the same interests and values. By volunteering as a Board member at ICERM, you are not only helping in preventing and resolving ethnic and religious conflicts in countries around the world, you are assisting in creating sustainable peace and saving lives.

The membership of the Board of Directors shall consist of at least fifteen (15) members, to include a Chair, Vice Chair, President of the Organization, Secretary of the Organization, Treasurer of the Organization, Legal Officer, Public Relations/Media Officer, Editor/Publications Officer, Organizational Liaison Officer, and Administrative IT Support Officer. The remaining members will be nominated and selected according to how closely their background, skills, experience, education, and natural character align with the following preferred criteria.

Candidates for BOD Membership

ICERM Board of Directors will be selected among those professionals who represent the broadest possible views and expertise from the field of interfaith and interethnic dialogue and mediation and the most comprehensive range of expertise across nations, disciplines and sectors. To that end, ICERM encourages women, and those individuals representing a minority race, ethnicity, or faith (and those raised in multi-ethnic/faith households) to be included in the nomination process.


ICERM Board of directors will have the fundamental responsibility of managing the Organization. It will be their role to create and set up the organizational structure, policies, and procedures that support good governance. The board of directors will carry out a variety of tasks ranging from routine matters such as organizing and attending board meetings to actions with broader consequences such as developing a policy about terms of service.

ICERM Board members will be responsible for, inter alia, the following duties:

  • Mission and purposes – determine and review the mission and purposes of the organization, articulate and define its goals, means, and primary beneficiaries of its programs and services.
  • Board of Directors (BOD) recruitment and orientation – undertake a careful search to find the most qualified candidates for ICERM BOD, articulate prerequisites for candidates, build a competent board, carry out the recruitment and orientation processes of new Board members, determine and assign responsibilities.
  • Strategic and organizational planning – participate actively in the overall planning process and ensure its effectiveness, assist in the implementation and monitoring of the plan’s goals, spearhead the drafting, proofing, editing and creation of required documents; establish and foster cooperation between ICERM and its partners.
  • Programs and services – contribute toward the realization of ICERM’s programs and services, determine which programs and services respond to the needs of the time, and monitor their effectiveness.
  • Fundraising – help in securing adequate financial resources for the organization to fulfill its mission, assist in providing proper financial oversight, assist in developing the annual budget, and ensure that proper financial controls are in place.
  • Legal and ethical integrity – review the organizational core values, articulate, draft and adhere to the organization’s legal standards and ethical norms.
  • Public relations – enhance ICERM’s public image and reputation, establish trust and build confidence in the beneficiaries of its programs and services as well as in the society, articulate ICERM’s mission, goals and accomplishments to the public and garner support from the countries around the world.

Criteria For Selection Of Board Members

  • Board members should possess a deep and abiding commitment to international peace.
  • Board members must be free from any gender, political, racial, ethnic, or religious bias.
  • Board members should possess an understanding of ICERM’s mission and the scope of challenges this mission represents.
  • Board members should possess an understanding of the current state of affairs in the area of interfaith and interethnic conflict, as well as the successes and failures of these affairs in the past with the education / knowledge to intelligently engage in related discourse.
  • Board members must be willing and able to commit 4-6 hours per month to ICERM business.
  • Board members should possess an unimpeachable character and uphold ICERM Core Values in all related responsibilities, and be open to having their ICERM meeting transcripts and decisions available for member review.
  • Board Members must be willing and able to represent and promote the mission of ICERM publicly through their words and actions.
  • Board members must possess diplomatic sensitivity and open-mindedness to an unlimited variety of attitudes, beliefs, values, opinions, and behaviors; and, must be able to respond and interact with those who posses them without judgment.
  • While ICERM welcomes nominations of those who are disabled / differently –abled, Board members must be willing and able to participate in Board responsibilities as described, either verbally or in writing, and be well-enough to commit 4-6 hours per month to ICERM duties.
  •  Board members will be responsible for keeping track of any expenditure previously authorized by the President of the Organization in writing (for required travel or other directed ICERM business), and will provide receipts that are eligible for reimbursement to the Treasurer of the Organization within 20 days of incurring the expense.
  •  Board members must be fluent (oral & written) in English.
  •  Board members must have functioning communications linkages such as telephone, computer and email.

Preferred Experience And Expertise Of Board Members

  • A minimum of 15 years of professional experience in peace-building, conflict analysis, mediation, and mitigation, preferably with time spent in front-line roles in crisis, conflict / post-conflict zones.
  • Experience working with representatives of minority faiths, races, and / or ethnicities.
  • Fluency in other languages, in addition to English, especially those commonly found in crisis / conflict zones, would be an asset.
  • Mediation and negotiation skills with vulnerable populations.
  • Backgrounds that include combinations of academic, NGO, and government / military / NGO work in various sectors, are considered advantageous.
  • The ability and capacity to communicate comprehensively and effectively within and between relevant constituencies.
  • Familiarity with managing large budgets and providing input on financial controls.
  • Experience coordinating with outside agencies, governments, community councils, religious bodies, & advocates.
  • Experience determining progress indicators of qualitative processes and selecting individuals to perform periodic assessments and evaluations.
  •  A history of representing the views of various constituencies in crisis, conflict, or post conflict environments.
  • Experience procuring and mobilizing resources.
  • Have a background that includes working in a professional capacity with individuals across social strata, class, and castes; political association, alignment; without prejudice.
  • Experience bringing disparate groups to consensus.
  • Maintain connections with a wide-range of NGOs & INGOs, Donor Agencies, Humanitarian, and Peace building / keeping organizations and other groups which seek to serve similar and corresponding needs as ICERM.
  • Experience with the oversight of workshops, seminars, teleconferences /seminars, trainings, and mentorships.
  • Experience coordinating the efforts of researchers, consulting and advisement teams.

Term of Membership

Board members shall be elected to three-year terms, but may be re-elected. Board members will have the option of requesting that their membership either be renewable or rotating with their designated alternate, who shall be allowed to vote in situations where a board member may be ill or unavailable. A Board member’s three-year term is considered to begin with his or her election until the election of his or her successor (or his or her re-election), whether this be greater, less than, or exactly three years from the time of his or her election.

Selection Method

Qualified candidates will be invited for a competency based interview and shall be elected by vote of the current Board members of the Organization.

Important Notice: Compensation

This is an unpaid volunteer position. No officer shall for reason of his or her office be entitled to receive any salary or compensation, but nothing shall be construed to prevent an officer or director from receiving any compensation from the Organization for duties other than as a director or officer.

ICERM Core Values

The following core values constitute the fundamental values or ideals at the heart of the International Center for Ethno-Religious Mediation: independence, impartiality, confidentiality, non-discrimination, integrity & trust. They articulate ideals that ICERM aspires to hold itself accountable for and offer guidance about how we should behave in carrying out the organization’s mission.

On no occasion or circumstance, therefore, shall ICERM restrict qualified applicants from participating in any capacity and under conditions of equality in its recruitment process because of reasons related to race, color, nationality, ethnicity, religion, language, sexual orientation, opinion, political affiliation, wealth or social status.

How to Apply

To apply, candidates must send a detailed cover letter and resume in English with three references to: Please indicate “ICERM Board of Director” in the subject line.



ICERM Has Launched A Peace Forum Called: Ethnic And Religious Peace Forum


“The importance of ethnic conflict, as a force shaping human affairs, as a phenomenon to be understood, as a threat to be controlled, can no longer be denied. By one reckoning, ethnic violence since World War II has claimed more than ten million lives, and in the last two decades ethnic conflict has become especially widespread. Ethnicity is at the center of politics in country after country, a potent source of challenges to the cohesion of states and of international tension”. (Quoted from Donald Horowitz, “Ethnic Groups in Conflict”). Nobody knows exactly how many millions of people are dead, injured or wounded, or even displaced as a result of religious violence or conflict in countries around the world.

As a response to these social problems, the International Center for Ethno-Religious Mediation (ICERM) has just launched its Ethnic and Religious Peace Forum.

This forum is created to facilitate a worldwide participation in a non-violent, constructive and proactive discussion on topics related to ethnic and religious conflicts in countries around the world. People from different ethnic and religious/faith backgrounds are invited to share their stories, experiences, ideas, opinions, and discuss the nature, trends and effects of ethnic and religious conflicts in countries around the world.

The forum also provides the opportunity to exchange information and ideas on various conflict resolution models.

You can contribute to this forum by starting new topics or commenting on current topics. To start, register and create your account, update your profile, choose a forum and begin to post new topics or comment on current ones.

Log in here to register and join us:

  • To foster the culture of peace among ethnic and religious groups
  • To prevent and resolve ethnic and religious conflicts
  • To save lives