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World Elders Forum


Are you a leader or representative of an ethnic or religious group? Please, join the World Elders Forum.

If you are not an ethnic or religious leader, you can also help us spread this information about the World Elders Forum.

“Elite attitudes toward ethnic and religious differences are the major factors in interethnic and interreligious accommodation and moderation. If leaders are more temperate than those they lead, they will seek ways of putting a break on ethnic and religious conflicts”. – Donald Horowitz

In accordance with its mission of fostering a culture of peace among ethnic and religious groups in countries around the world, the International Center for Ethno-Religious Mediation, New York, has recently initiated the World Elders Forum strictly for leaders or representatives of ethnic and religious groups.

Members of the World Elders Forum are legitimate and recognized leaders or representatives of ethnic and religious groups around the world. They see gains in mediation, dialogue, and other nonviolent methods of conflict resolution, and are strongly committed to improving their skills in order to promote a culture of peace in their respective countries.

For more information about the World Elders Forum and the application process, click on this link: